Assassin’s Creed Rebellion Mobile App

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion Mobile App

written by Desiree S. aka Da Geeky 1

Well this was a fun find for me for so many reasons. One of them being I am a geek for all things Assassin’s Creed. So while we know I’m biased on this subject I wouldn’t share if i didn’t absolutely love this mobile app. 
I’vef2af07c5-7379-4c56-8076-13a6bc0468a3 noticed recently in my circle needs that Mobile Gaming has become slightly more addictive and time-consuming for us. I’ve spent many hours killing time with some apps including Rebellion.  I found it about a month ago maybe more. Why I started playing the game was because I looked at the in-game photos and saw you could build your hideout. This is a feature I enjoy in a majority of my games. Goals of the games being that I can use coin, stars, materials or energy accumulated to build.  The next thing they got me with was Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Any time I see my favorite Assassino I am sold. Well one of the cool things about the game is that you can collect  DNA of the Assassins in the collection. As of now there are 44 in the collection  with Ezio being one of the Top to collection. He is a Legendary 87f3d6c2-1a20-4cb9-a730-0138a3f490f4
character grade.  The DNA piece range from 15-25 pieces you have to collect to unlock the characters. Right now I have 12 characters including Ezio’s Sister Claudia.  There are 3 categories of Assassins (Pink, Green, Blue) and each category has different traits to make each Assassin different.  This is important for the missions and side missions.  When you are playing the game the main missions and side missions have requirements which include needing specific types of character and power levels of the character. 

The Main Missions are involving a story based in 15th Century Spain.  You are hunting c03ef056-7892-473e-a782-1e79cbfedbd6down the Templars. The set up of each mission is pretty easy, you have to get through a location with Templars, Booby Traps, crates and make it to the objective. The objectives can be to exit the location, find a document or find a specific Templar Boss. You go in with 3 Assassins and pick and choose which one would be best to get through each room of the location.  Some of the Assassins are Stealthy, some can pick locks and some have brute strength  which can come in handy when you are fighting the enemies.  

Side missions fall into 3 categories.  One is the Legacy missions are missions you are able to collect DNA. These help you unlock more characters.   The second a88432b4-4f77-4b7a-b27e-43e7537cb30bone is the Standard missions.  In these missions you collect codex pages. These codex pages are used to help you train your characters so that you can upgrade their strengths and abilities. And the last side missions is the Loot Mission which help you find materials.  You need these materials to build weapons, armor and accessories that add to your characters strength and abilities as well. 

Headquarters aka the Hideout. 
The e2aac466-42f0-47ae-bfc9-50d8f0d17122Headquarters is pretty simple but super cool to this geek. You start off with a building that has approximately 9 rooms for you to build in. Some of the rooms you can build is the treasury room which accumulates coins, the Weapon or Armor Smith Rooms to build your weapons,  and the library to research and find more codex scrolls so that you can complete the missions.  The Headquarters can expand once you level up. 

One thing I have been enjoying is the weekly or weekend quests that help you find DNA for those extra rare characters.  You also have daily goals that 04934be1-dc01-4579-a752-48d621056afdhelp you accumulate Helix tokens and other in-game materials which helps you buy DNA as well. 

For me I would give this game a 4.2 it’s still super buggy and crashes randomly but a bit too often for me taste. If I weren’t a hard-core Assassins Geek I probably wouldn’t play it as much because of the app crashing issues. At least once a day this app will crash on me and right when I’m in the middle of a good run. 



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