Macy’s Santaland 2018 Press Preview



Macy’s Santaland Press Preview 2018

written by Desiree S. Da Geeky 1


Tis the season… and quite honestly I have taken my Mini Geek to meet Santas more times 8EF63FB4-4148-4EA1-8EE0-AAA999D0A284this year than we have in his whole 11 years of life. Last year was our first year going to Macy’s Santa Land. I’ve always been wary of taking my mini into any of these places specifically because of his sensory issues. I went once a long time before my son was born. It was an experience back then, but I have to say they have deeply improved the Santa Land Experience in my opinion. Especially with having to schedule your appointment online before you visit. That is by far one of my favorite features of this experience.  Book your appointment here!!! It is still E24CAC70-3528-4E24-8B4B-574CABBEBBA3a group experience (you will definitely be in a line) but in a more controlled environment which I absolutely love for the children with sensory issues.

This year we had the pleasure of taking JELS and Ethan to visit Santa 50DDB46A-5136-433A-B99A-4C29813B7075Land for the Press Preview.   We also got to share in the experience with my favorite kid blogger Ms. JustaBXGirl. From the beginning of our experience I absolutely loved the elves and workers. The boys can be a handful of extra specialness sometimes. The elves kept them entertained while we walked through the amazing Winter Wonderland. And Bless8BFEE344-0AA2-447D-9675-D6DC8D2FAE41 the green screen camera person.  It took some time but they got a great shot of the little ones. My experience last year was pretty much the same with a little bit of waiting but not in a bad way. You have displays and amazing people and characters entertaining the children while they wait to meet Santa Claus.  One of the great things about Macy’s Santa Land is that you can choose your Santa Claus.  We were able to have a Santa that our mixed babies could identify with more.  I will say what shocked me the most was JELS interaction with Santa. He’s not a quiet kid in the least bit but he can be reserved. That was not the case with our Santa. JELS had his list ready and my punk behind almost cried. Lol. Overall I’d rate this as a successful experience for our Geeky Family.

TheA3920CB8-FCD7-48A6-A6F6-9E5642B9E189 prices for a Professional photo with Santa Claus starts at $20.99 and optional, the fun experience and meeting him are free and a great tradition to start with your family of geeks.

What are some of your holiday season traditions?


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