Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Game

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Game 

written by Des ~ Da Geeky 1

So we’re going to start off by not even trying pretend that I can give an unbiased review when it comes to anything Potter… with that said here we go. Lol

Oh my goodness the Geekgasms are real!!! On 4/25/18 the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Game released. I downloaded it at 945pm and quite honestly stayed up until 1am playing. As a lover of all things Potter and a very serious Potter Geek the excitement when I received the email that this game was finally here was off the charts.

First you 1B5965CF-5FF3-475C-A276-1779B77B5D56start off creating your witch/wizard character. You are in Diagon Ally getting your books, wand and Hogwarts essentials. You meet a fellow first year and the adventure begins. So far this game is a mix between what I classify as the “Glu” celeb games and another HP game I used to play on my phone. It has the original Lego video games feel with no character actually speaking just making random noises. I miss that feature from the original games.
Well Hogwarts Mystery timeline is based around when Bill Weasley and Tonks enter the school for Witchcraft and Wizardy which is around the mid 80s. A few years after He Who Must Not Be Named aka Voldemort attacked HP the first time and barely survived. One thing I hope for is some back story on Bill Weasley. He’s the one of the clan I know the least about and I’ve always been fascinated by the Weasley clan.
So far I am only up to chapter 3. I’ve been Sorted into Ravenclaw BB57D311-0028-49AE-8053-73FE495554DDof course, you get to choose your house. I’m learning how to summon my broom. The game is pretty straight forward. When in classes, Potions Charms ans Flying so far, or on a mission/completing a task you require energy. They start you off with 24. I hope that number increases because for some of these missions it’s not enough to finish right away and you do have you Be aware of the time. Pretty much it’s like those Katy Perry/Kim K time games. While you are learning a spell or completing a goal on your list you click on the blue outlined people or objects to help you progress. So far the longest time for a task was 8 hours. Not 3BF9348D-4D88-4CAF-9AAF-FCAD6AD8AAA0that I had to wait 8 hours. That was the amount of time I had to complete the task. This game requires an inyernet connection which sicls for my train traveling days but I’m still pretty excited for the adventure. One of the cool things I like is that it has that choose your own adventure aspect and that your choices shape what type of wizard you will be. There are 3 attributes, courage, empathy and knowledge, that you have to gain points for.

Well I am enjoying the game so much, but as stated earlier I cannot be unbiased when it comes to my boy HP. Lol I can’t wait to see where this mystery takes me.


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