Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-Man Homecoming Review

written by: DS – Da Geeky 1

There may be some minors “spoilers”. Read at your own risk… lol

Spider-Man, Spider-Man does whatever a spider can….

On 7/7/17 Marvel Studios released Spider-Man Homecoming. I honestly was not trying to go opening weekend. It tends to be hectic with the Fan Boys and Girls sometimes, I have especially experienced it with all of the Spider-Man movie releases and while I love y’all this summer heat did not have me ready to go through it. So this morning I finally sat my behind down after asking a few people if they watched and enjoyed the movie. I got some mixed reviews. I will admit I sat down for my screening thinking I may not be too pleased. I was wrong. I enjoyed the movie. I can see why some people may not have liked it but I am not one of them.

Tom Holland as Peter Parker aka Spidey, I thought did a wonderful job. He is a welcome addition to the Avengers team and the Marvel Movie Franchise. The actual portrayal of Spidey in his early teen years by a dude that actually looks like a teenager was great to me. I think Tom did a phenomenal job reminding you that Peter is actually a teenager in this movie. From his little crush on Liz to the fact that Happy gave him no real respect. It wasn’t all angsty and emo. He wasn’t too adult like even with the fact that he his a newbie superhero trying to save the city. I enjoyed that it was light and comedic. I’m sure many will hate on it for that. Mainly while I enjoyed Homecoming is because they didn’t beat me in the head with an Origin story. In 15 years we have experienced 3 live action Spideys so I can appreciate they didn’t try to explain how it all began like we haven’t sat through for previous Spidey movies.  Now let’s get into Michael Keaton. Oh my gosh I did enjoy him as the antagonist of the movie. He just brought his usual amazing skills to the table as Vulture. I guess I should admit my bias for Keaton though. I’ve always loved his creepy look and feel in his acting. It works for him.

One issue I had with the movie was the timeline. At first I thought maybe I was wrong, so I go to my trusty Googles and Marvel Wikia and realize I am not losing my mind the time line doesn’t really make sense. I’m not sure how others feel about it. But it’s those little things that I look at that sure can drive me mad until my brother breaks it all done.

Even with the faulty time line issues I enjoyed this movie. Tom is definitely shaping up to be my favorite Spidey… Who is your favorite Spider-man? What are your feelings on this movie? Join in on the Geek convo



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