Wonder Woman Review

Wonder Woman Review

Written by DS – Da Geeky 1

So finally we are going to talk Wonder Woman. 32 days later and a Gross of $346,644,475 USA 30 June 2017 according to IMDB with an opening weekend of 103.1 million dollars it is safe to say Wonder Woman did the damn thing for the DC Comics movie franchise. I had a difficult opening weekend experience with this movie. For some reason the movie projector malfunctioned. The workers at the theater did not tell us there was an issue until 20 minutes after the movie was supposed to begin. I was quite livid to the point of I had no interest in watching the movie…. like ever. Thankfully I chose not to stay in my feelings.
Personally I am not a Wonder Woman fan. This is not to say I hate her. I just didn’t follow her comic books or the show that the lovely Linda Carter IMG_1436 portray this character. I am a Superman fan, from my comic books my daddy left me to my few okay my several tattoos. my family and friends know I love the Man of Steel. But let’s get into this what I felt was a ground breaking movie. I could attempt to discuss why it took so long for this movie to be created. I could discuss women’s inequality. We could even discuss the initial reaction to Gal Gadot taking on this role but today I am going into super geek mode. For someone who really is not a “true fan” for Wonder Woman, I felt this movie was phenomenal in so many ways however I had a few moments I paused. I will start with my hardcore, true “random Fandom” Spoiler Alert:  David Thewlis aka Remus Lupin from the Harry Potter series was Ares. Come on!!! Lupin can do no wrong in my eyes. However I loved the fact that (an actor) I adore was involved in this project. Now back to Ares, him being Diana’s brother basically made me giggle a bit. My second issue with the movie was that Diana Princess of Themyscira has been on this absolutely gorgeous island of Bad Ass Awesome sauce women IMG_1442and the first dude she meets she seemed kind of gaga over. It bothered me a bit as well as the “love story” portion. Now I watch The Flash, Arrow, Super Girl and i have sat through every Superman movie/show made, yes even George Reeves show and the love stories tend to annoy me so it is not a Wonder Woman thing. It’s just not my bag.
Now that I have gotten my mini pet peeves out the way I can truly sayIMG_1441 I enjoyed this movie. Not because it was a story about a woman super hero, not because Patty Jenkins, a woman, directed it. I enjoyed this movie because in my opinion it was absolutely fantabulous and awesome. It has been to date my favorite DC movie. I have yet to see Man of Steel, Batman V Superman (that I genuinely hated more than I loved) of Suicide Squad, more than once… Wonder Woman I have watched twice now and I still have a date to go see it wroth my sister. The CGI was ridiculousIMG_1439. The island was absolutely beautiful. I loved that the women were strong and still had a diversity that made the “sex appeal” that much greater for me. Wonder Woman was not sexualized and let’s be honest Gal Gadot is ridiculously hot. When I watched the movie the first time I was proud of Gal’s work in embodying Wonder Woman. My 5 year old niece experienced the movie, because yes it was an experience, and she loved it. No one told her to say it was great her IMG_1440little heart loved seeing a strong character that happened to be a woman on the big screen. I thought the movie was well written. All of the actors did their part to make me enjoy the movie Is this a movie I would encourage people to see? Hell Yeah!!! I believe they did a phenomenal job. Even with the parts I was not a fan of, which were few and far in between, I believe this was a good portrayal of a character and a great introduction to her for people that may not know everything about this DC character. I even ended up on her Wikia page and read up as much as I could after I watched it the first time. I can’t  wait to see it again with my sister and I will most definitely be purchasing the Blu Ray/DVD combo when it is released.

I would love to hear your opinions of the movie so please leave a comment if you can so we can further discuss it. Good or bad whatever you want to say about the movie. This geek would love to further discuss this cinematic release with you.

Thank you and Happy Geeking!!!





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