Cars 3 Review

I am Speed, I am Lightning…. I remember hearing my son whisper those words as he watchimageshandler the Original Cars movie for the billionth time. It is safe to assume that The Kid was slightly obsessed and a bit of a fan boy for Lightning McQueen and his lovable friend Tow Matar. We had Cars themed birthday parties and we have had sooo many different toys in our house that we could have hosted plenty of Races. On June 12th, we were given the opportunity to attend an Advanced screening for Cars 3. The Kid was super excited. We had a family date night out. It was a fantabulous evening. Oh my gosh I think I loved this part so much because of what I felt were the messages in this movie. It wasn’t just about Female Empowerment which is a wonderful message. I was able to see the message that Age ain’t nothing but a Number. Also I was able to see the wake up call for people to check the egos and help others. McQueen had some “mean” actually really rude moments.  Now the things I enjoyed the most about Cars 3 was newcomer Cruz Ramirez Cruz_ramirezshe was a great addition to the franchise. She had me cracking up the whole time with her jokes about McQueen being an old-timer. “I Think you will be my “Senior” project”…. come on she is classic. Lol I think their relationship was adorable. It was very much how I am with my brother. The banter was on point and not forced. What I also appreciated was that when McQueen was having trouble because all of the newbies were super high techcars-3-trailer-700x300 and state of the art. He just wanted to race and win. Who doesn’t. However when he was down and knew he needed to train to keep up with the newbies, he went looking for the Old Timer that trained his mentor. I absolutely loved Smokey and his band of Old Timers. I personally love old cars. I really enjoyed the movie and I will be going to see it again with JELS and my niece Luna.
I think this movie is a great Kids day date out. Especially on a way too hot day or rainy day You can enjoy a wonderfully amusing movie and beat the heat and the rain.


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