Fear The Walking Dead Season 3

Fear the Walking Dead Season 3

Written by DS – Da Geeky 1

Well Season 3 started for Fear TWD. Honestly when the series first began. I could take or leave this show. I am never pressed to see it unlike of course The Walking Dead. But there is something about the story line and characters that brings me back each season. I didn’t get to watch it when it premiered but I love my DVR so I rarely watch live TV. Now season 3 premiere was pretty fucking serious. Sooo many “Infected” aka Walkers, so many ways for people to get eaten up. And quite a few new faces. Some from other shows I am slightly obsessed with like Unser from SoA, and Mickey Milkovich from Shameless

Now I’ve always found it hard to watch this show because of the time frame. I found the first season particularly difficult because FYI zombies freak me the fuck out. IMG_1402I can’t play any zombie games without screaming like a little bitch when something pops out at me. Worse when I’m watching these shows. The main issue I had with Fear TWD was that they are showing you the Zombie apocalypse from when it began. All of that first season I was yelling at the TV like a fool, forgetting the characters have no idea what’s going on, so that part of it was fun for me. I kept thinking the old folk were all infected and I probably would’ve taken some out. I appreciated that Robert Kirkman was not trying to make a TWD West Coast version. I don’t try to compare the characters from Fear TWD to TWD because there is no competition or comparison for me. There may be some similarities but to me none of these characters have anything to do with each other. I always wonder if Abraham, Rosita and Eugene are going to pop up since they came from the Texas area. You never know. Travis and Madison’s Brady bunch like family have been up and down the lower west coast and all around that upper corner of Mexico and they are only on season 3.
My favorite character is Nick every season. IMG_1401He’s a drug addict in the Zombie Apocalypse. Come on that’s golden. He’s surviving to get high which is probably why he’ll be the only one to survive this show. Alicia his sister is sooo super annoying in the beginning. I really started to understand and appreciate her by the end of season 2. Still not a fan of her because she is so spoiled but at least she doesn’t annoy me. Madison, their mom, man she has some serious moral issues. Shit it took Rick and them a few seasons to be okay with killing humans. She’s ready to take lives like they’re coupons for some free froyo at Sweet Frog or something. She’s a scary Mom, one of those gun-toting moms that clearly knows how to use it. Travis is another character that has some serious issues earlier on. Baby mama drama, annoying teenager that may need an ass whipping or two, girlfriend with kids that have issues. Poor Travis can’t catch a break and then we have this zombie apocalypse that is beginning. No one knows what’s going on. He’s trying to keep his blended family together. Honestly like every other episode it seems like they get spilt up into random combinations then kill some “Infected” and maybe some humans, crazy shit happens then they link back up. I do like the show and I would recommend for people who are able to watch it and appreciate it is not TWD. If you’re one of those obsessive people who can’t look past the fact that there is no Daryl Dixon or Carl running around the west coast then this show is not for you. At least they have Strand. IMG_1400He has to be the funniest most fucked up, cool character. He can be a sweetheart for like 2.5 seconds but he will shoot you in the knee cap if it will help him get away from a hoard of Infected or living trying to get at what he has claimed for himself.



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