Harry Potter Fandom… Gone Mad….

Written by DS -Da Geeky 1

In May of 2002, my BF at the time went to some store and picked up a few DVDs. He had a serious movie collection and pretty much added anything to it. He came home with a few but one in particular was the first Harry Potter movie. We actually argued on whether or not we would watch this movie. I outright refused and being that I was in the middle of planning my 21st birthday celebration. IMG_20170604_193204I did not have any time for no freaking kiddie movie. Boy was I wrong. We ended up watching the movie in early June right before my birthday. I finally gave in and said we could watch it as a bedtime movie figuring I would pass out before really getting into the movie. The minute he pressed play I was introduced to one of my biggest obsessions since my Tetris and Super Mario Bros 3 madness. The magical world of Harry Potter Opened up to me and I was HOOKED. After watching the first DVD I got on our computer at about 1am and searched MSN for everything Harry Potter. I found out there were four books in the series. We went out the next day to Barnes and Noble and I got Sorcerers Stone and the Chamber of Secrets. Oh I ate through those books. Mother would’ve been proud. It took me 3 days to finish them, so my lovely BF went to pick up part three and four. I was a happy geeky girl. To this day the Sorcerers Stone is my favorite book of the series and my favorite movie of the series. They introduced me to a wonderful world I could let my imagination escape to when I needed a break from the real world. One of the things a love the most about the Harry Potter Series is that it isn’t just about magic and wizards. There are real emotions that are show in the books more than the movies. But anyone could be Harry Potter in one way or another. Or they can relate to him or one of the characters in the series. My favorite character is Dobby the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1House Elf and of course from the trio I’d have to say Hermione Granger.
From the moment I watched that first movie it just got worse for me. Movie and Book release dates were holidays for me. My 25th birthday party was a Harry Potter Themed game night party. I sorted all of my friends into houses, I am a RavenclawIMG_1391, and we had a “Tri Wizard” Cup/trophy. It was an entertaining and ridiculously fun and semi childish way to celebration my quarter of a century birthday. I have been to a few Midnight releases at Barnes and Noble as well as the movies. I took the Kid when he was almost two years old to the midnight release of the Half Blood Prince. The people in the theater were giving me dirty looks it was absolutely hilarious to me. I laughed at the end of the movie because the rude lady in front of me and my friends that was talking crap about me bringing a baby into the movie, told me how well behaved he was. Mind you he was sleeping the whole time. I also took him to plenty of movie releases before. I trained him from early. Bother his parents and a majority of my friends and family love movies especially the comic book movies so you must train your children to carry out the geeky legacy.

Now 15 years later I am still as obsessed as the day I watched that first DVD. I have readIMG_20170604_192759 the entire series several times. Watched the movies even more. My mother has enabled my obsession along with my family and friends. I own two sets of copies of the books, about three sets of the movies. I am a bit behind with my collection I am missing the Chamber of Secrets Illustrated copy which I will get when they release the Prisoner of Azkaban in October. The best part of my Potter Head Fandom is that my son does take an interest in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. When we went to Universal Studios for his 9th birthday. He was hooked from the Hogwarts Express . And he sure did walk around with my Elder Wand using it in all the places you are able to use your wands in this magical place. I can’t wait to go back with him. 20170531_201033We will be planning a trip for next year for us to geek out again. Hopefully we can make it a big family gathering and bring the cousins.

While I may be still waiting for that owl to bring my Letter from Hogwarts, I can use my imagination and read the series over yet again. Watch the films or play one of the few boards games until then. I am forever grateful to J. K. Rowling for creating one of my favorite worlds to escape into and my absolute favorite Fandom enjoy with my little Geek in training.


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