Five Points Festival 2017

Five Points Festival 2017

Written by DS – Da Geeky 1


Oh it was a magical experience for this Geek. This was my first event as Press, which in itself was amazing. To really start off our Geeky opinions with the first Five Points Festival made the experience that much sweeter. I’ve been attending Cons for a little while now. I have always enjoyed the every experience in different ways. I love to watch people enjoying a true geek moment from finding the perfect new comic book series, to finding that one toy you needed to complete your collection. Meeting your favorite artists and realizing they are ridiculously awesome and down to earth people. And the cosplayers… the time and energy to put into their costumes and still keeping up their energy after hours of photos and walking around. I remember the day IMG_1360I was taken to my first Con. I fell in love instantly. I felt like I found my people. Well today I felt that feeling again. It was sweet and innocent and everything I miss about what I remember Cons to be. I was able to meet new (to me specifically)artists like Logic! Founder of the Are You Dying Series and really get to know them. Listening to someone speak about their passions has always been something I’ve enjoyed. I was able to meet with some Game Designers as well. One I hope to interview soon is Sarah Doherty GranoffIMG_1368She created a game called ASD that is about going through part of the day through the eyes of a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I thought it was a great concept.

I truly did enjoy the energy of the Five Points Festival. Honestly I wish I would’ve been able to bring my son but this was work for me. I know I will definitely take him to the next one.
I feel the creators and the people who collaborated to make the first Five Points Festival really sat down and thought about what the people wanted. I believe that did a great jobIMG_1355 with finding a location that was just the right size. I truly enjoyed the outdoor eating area with the food trucks and the Beer Garden. It makes for a nice space to take a break if you are walking around enjoying the day and waiting for one of the special guest artists or the giveaways. The weather made it an even better experience. To be able to sit out and have an ice cold beer with your empanadas or cheesesteaks. You are even able to bring your own snacks in which is a plus if you plan on spending all your money on art work, toys or comic books, which I do not judge in any way.

I was sad that I did not get over to see the street artist kaNO create his Muriel. I will be honest that was one of the things that caught my eye when I was reading about Five Points. I have not one artistic bones in my body. I can’t paint or draw anything more than a stick figure but I have always had a great appreciation for street art and art in general. I hope to at least be able to catch some video from one of the many attendees of the show or the workers.

I have to thank Five Points Festival and the creators for bringing that feeling back into my life and love of my geeky nerdy world. To be able to see Cliff Chiang sketching while I was walking around the artist alley area, to be able to meet new authors and artists, to be able to meet a game designer that is in the Spectrum and had made a game that might help people understand my son’s autism spectrumIMG_1354 disorder, it was a wonderfully amazing event for me. I love my Con experiences, they have been great but I haven’t had that feeling of pure joy and innocence in such a long time. One thing I really enjoyed was I happen to hear from several of the attendees that they felt the same way as me. I can’t wait until next year I will definitely be attending.




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